Sunday, February 14, 2010

King David, an ancestor of Jesus

I'm enjoying so much, one of the books on my 2010 reading list, Dilligently Seeking God, today's post made me want to mention this book again. (I'm actually using the on-line version in my favorite blog list.)
Today's entry :
The Psalms David wrote are so inspiring, his needs, wants & hearts desires are so exposed so purely. In this devotion for today, David acknowledges God's strength & his own weakness. II Samuel 22:36-37
'Your gentlenss has made me great', a reminder of how God handles the creation, unique from all other.
I recommend this devotion book as it's described- for those who wish to step it up, when it comes to one's faith.

I want my kids to know all about David, the shepherd turned king, and to appreciate his prayers and psalms. To be able to pray like David, with confidence in His love and desire for each of our hearts.

So tonight we talked about Psalm 139, how God can see us everywhere, day and night to God are just the same, and we sang over & over, 'only a little boy David, only a babbling brook....'

And Jack learned, David, who slew the Philistine all-star, was an ancestor of Jesus, born in the city of David, King of Kings.

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Amy @ Homestead Revival said...

Our second grade SS class is studying David this month, too. Wonderful stories that build trust in God and personal integrity. (And wiggly boys love it!)