Friday, November 14, 2014

November 2014 ~ Thanksgiving ~ Lifemeds #43

While the world seems to crumble, there are simple benchmarks being kept in my world. I was never any good at dribbling in basketball. I really just couldn't do it all at the same time. For now, I've kept up with the game. No 'three-pointers', but I've stayed in, with only a few time-outs. No technicals, no fouls, I've made it from base-line to base-line and managed to not stand out. Word.

Epic cold weather hovers over the day-- bliss. The wood stove warms the whole of the room. I am content.

Thanksgiving is not coming too soon, nor too late. Right on time. The time off from busy-ness for both kids and consequently myself, arrives. Nine days of unplugging.  No not in the literal sense, but disengaging the alarm, perhaps even travel to Nannie and Grandpas.
This article of real answers gave me hope last night. Purpose to the need to 'judge'. Judge for oneself and for our prodigy what is noble and good, right and pure. 

Today, praying that I won't 'time-out.'
Thankful for firewood, windows to see, Psalm 146, the Gettysburg Address, friends, family. My husband. Lifemeds for me. Never stop counting.
Visit Ann at A Holy Experience for encouragement to consider Gratitude as the Answer.

Friday, August 8, 2014

A New Approach to History for Middle Grades

I'm still in the research mode of these particular books. However, the reviews I've personally received are exceptional. I saw one that dealt with the Middle East, specifically 'The Thousand Years War' and I'm convinced if the combination of interesting prose described by my friend, is combined with this particular region and its history, this book in particular will be a winner.
The Series of Uncle Eric Books looks ideal for thought provoking material. I'm going to research further, and consider these as a good supplement for the future, if not a spine text.

Listening to this from Andrew Pudwea again. You can find 'Nuturing Competent Communicators' at Resources

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Books, Writing & Boys July 2014

Our world has been one of swimming, Wordly Wise, and Mario. The Mom (me) has had opportunity for refreshment from Ann Voskamp's Bible study, 1000 gifts. But now we will soon embark on our academic activities in earnest. Jack will be at home, Classical Conversations and a class for IEW. I'm doing my homework now, getting ready to embrace Saxon Math, and determining which spirals I'll be using for a 'boys who'd rather build forts' -writing class, and an older group who may have some writing experience. The odds are that over half of these kids will be dyslexic or have some type of reading/writing issues. This is the reason I love IEW. It's custom for really hammering home tools that make writing work for those who need explicit instruction. I'm looking into the Geography spiral that matches up with Beautiful Feet Books' collection for literature, Paddle to the Sea, and other books by Holling C. Holling.
Another possibility is working on a Book Detectives class. One book at a time. Just like Heidi at Mt. Hope Chronicles. I have learned that I will never 'be' Heidi, but her ideas and understanding of Classical Education as well as 'all things boy' are top-notch. Exceptionally excellent. This book looks like a great place to start. I know I can re-invent the wheel, but I may just have to copy you Heidi. Just this once.
If you've struggled with an understanding of why Classical Conversations has moved to Circe Institutes materials for Challenge, read with Heidi at her blog. She understands this jump, and has references that will make it clear. Some free audios about writing, boys, and learning can be found at Circe Institute and IEW websites.
OK, off to review Structure and Style for IEW.
Blessed, blessed with gifts beyond measure, even in the chaos that is my world.

Monday, June 2, 2014

June 2013

It really is June. It's hot. We have a garden. We're swimming like fish . 
I have given up on the laptop sync to my blog. Matters not. But couldn't post even 1a single picture. So some catching up will follow. 

Life is amazing. How did I get so lucky? 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

'Unbroken' by 'Gravity'

Sara Barellis belts it out. Again. Gravity. The inevitable. The reality. The truth is, the peanut butter's must be made for lunch, the dots must be dotted, the shoes must be tied, and the legalities must be met.
Gag. Bring me to the moment, the apex, when in like a story, 'Unbroken' the pilots and those who make up the team who fly the bombers must decide to live or die, and how they will get to their determined destination. Bring. it. on.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spring 2014

It's 28 degrees outside, but we've already prepared the garden beds. I'm thankful for my husband who is diligent. We have a seasoned compost pile to bring into the equation. This is a blessing too. Horse compost. I've moved blueberries back in February so we could safely remove some pines.
Fence may go in this weekend. And then to the discussion of a dog. That's just a given. The man needs a dog. Who are we kidding? I need a dog.

Monday, February 17, 2014

February 2014 - 'Unbroken'

If I had to compose a reading list for the year, I'd be off to a pretty good start. Aside from particular scriptures that I've been savoring, I have stumbled upon, as well as have been handed some pretty inspiring reads.
Unbroken  by Laura Hilldebrand is going to prove I am sure to knock my socks off. The first 2 chapters have seem to hit close to home. I love the joy of track and running  proving to be a tool for success. I love the WWII era, as it proved to be one of clarity of right and wrong, unlike our present post-modern, shake things up, 'change is good' way of thinking. I likewise believe there are some attributes that start early. There is no way to know how one's early character, determined by nature or nurture either one, will sustain one. This book and story telling of success will no doubt be the stuff that will inspire, even in February.
I'll throw in the movie, 'Monuments Men'. I took Jack to see it Saturday night, my valentine date.  With the usual gratuitous non-sense left out, I only wish they'd left out the profane use of Jesus name. Reality may have been, but it would be so nice if it could be shown to children, in a public school settling, instead of 'Dispicable Me, II'? 'Monuments Men' was stellar in inspiration. It reminds me of another book I've yet to finish, by Nancy Pearson, Saving Leonardo. One may think I've decided to champion art, but this is not my point. It is the message, surprisingly George Clooney delivered while trying to encourage his men. It is the culture that we were fighting for, that which the creative soul has created, the outpouring of the mind- sculpture, paintings, music-.
For now we look forward to events that will honor our fallen heroes.