Thursday, March 4, 2010

Trials & the Testing of our Faith

Our faith shine's brightest in the darkest moments, would you agree?

In the daylight, it seems no so bright, it blends in with what is good already, the warmth of all things comfortable. But when darkness of colds and flu and infections and colisions of schedules, spills and messes are the norm, our faith is tested. ---whether we continue to be reverent & grateful, in the light of challenge.

Perseverence in difficulty creates character, not for character's sake only, that we may be praised but for the glory of God. That even when we're challenged, and walking in life's quicksand, God will be glorified.

Thankful am I for what God has done for me, seeing Him for who He is, His greatness, His Holiness.

Thankful for a husband that just keeps going, not unlike that energizer bunny.

Thankful for smart little boys, who make tents & play even when they're sick.

Thankful for tennis lessons for little kids, building their agility, in game & life.

Thankful for friends who perservere in their life's version of quicksand.

Thankful for new born babies, God's design for life.

Thankful for cool beautiful weather.
Thankful for flowering bulbs, a unique gift in nature.

Thankyou God for this unique life of mine, for challenges & blessings, may my faith in You grow, only to glorify You.


Counting & remembering with reverence Who gives these Gifts.


Annesta said...

This post struck a chord with me. Perhaps because I feel like I have had to persevere these past 6 weeks...not because of colds, flu, other sickness and interrupted schedules but because our lives have been disrupted without a kitchen. Granted, this is something we chose and something that ultimately benefits our family, unlike sickness, and still I have found myself at odd with with how I want to react to circumstances and how I actually react. I appreciate so much what you say about perseverance and character building, not for our sake but for the glory of God.
I join you in being thankful for God has done for me these past six weeks.
You are a blessing to me, Laura!

Annesta said...

I put you on my prayer list and will lift you up each morning asking that God would be glorified in all that you do. Psalm 30:1-12
My prayer for you will be "that your heart may sing to Abba Father and not be silent.
O LORD God, that Laura will give you thanks forever."
Grace and peace,