Friday, July 31, 2009

Ancient History- Homeschool Begins

We're loving The History of The World Volume 1: Ancient History. We also are using in a limited way the workbook. We're actually coming up with so many options on our own, that we are not needing to using the worksheets immediately. I'm finding with just starting out, as soon as I bring out a worksheet or spend any valuable time copying a map/worksheet or anything to color, I lose him. If it's in the book, he looks and goes back several times to see it again. We are also using Usborne's Internet Linked History of the World for visuals. I know there is another smaller book specific to Egypt from Usborne, but don't have in our library. The funniest thing we'll be trying is to re-enact Osiris in the coffin. We have a window seat which doubles as many things, but this is definitely on our list of to-dos. Jack of course wants to be Set & bury H.
Mentioning the window seat, it is located in a dormer that opens onto our roof. There are now toys on our roof where Henry decided they would look much better yesterday. I'm not sure if he was climbing out to get them, but he was definitely in a precarious place(a second story open window). Heart be still... If we survive his antics, we'll be doing well.
God bless you in your endeavors today, and please pray for us!

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