Sunday, November 24, 2013

Common Core Standards ~ The Crashing Scaffolding 2013

I refer to a curriculum in a recent post about children's literature and C.S. Lewis. And I am regularly reminded that a government school, which is systematic in its efforts to provide for a collective population that is incredibly diverse, a one-size fits all education, will ultimately fail. Proponents of this set of standards may disagree that one-size fits all is not accurate. I disagree. Based on personal experience of our family. And that it is detrimental to the love of learning far beyond any other effort in public education in America.
But I knew this. Going in. So it is for me to deliberate when I can muster the energy. But as professors of law are often at their desks, with time to write, I will defer to this letter written by Law Professor from Notre Dame, to Catholic Bishops in opposition to Common Core.
An article about the letter and Common Core can be found here.
I reject it unequivocally, and felt this was one of the best shared synopsis of reasons in which I share belief.

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Life with Kaishon said...

I am so frightened about what is happening in the school district where we live. YIKES. I pray that God can bring change to our schools and our country. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family : ).