Tuesday, October 1, 2013

What we are doing to our boys....

A typical Saturday night at our house.
While I am working on details regarding DAR, I hear from the backyard, an after-school eulogy for a chip monk the cats have caught. The boys 'finished it off' with the b-b gun. Then with a true 'Star Spangled Banner' send-off, they  buried it. Yes, in deed.
Sometimes I feel like I'm in the middle of an extremely patriotic version of 'Lord of the Flies.' We consistently are mending the cuts and wounds of warriors who cross our yard, bearing swords & shield, often wearing their pajama bottoms, wrapped in duct tape. No tribe distinction, just 'warrior'.
This article comes to mind, makes me feel like at least we get this 'wild-thing' right. Or at least we encourage it.
This pod-cast from Circe was excellent.  James Daniels is from Westminster Classical School in Memphis. He so 'the normal guy', but has less than the normal to present. Scroll to 'What we are doing to our boys'.
Some time ago, Henry over heard someone talk about genes, and wondered what that was all about. While we casually sat in our living room, I indicated it is what made him have blue eyes, and daddy have black hair, and he said 'and that's why you have silver hair?' to which I replied, 'no child, YOU are why I have silver hair!'
Love my boys!!

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Annesta said...

Love this post!! Glad you all are flourishing and enjoying life.